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Schauergebnisse IRA Chemnitz (CfBrH)
26.06.2021 ~ R: Claus-Peter-Fricke, D ~ MZ 34, anwesend 33
- ohne Gewähr. Falls Sie Fehler entdecken oder Ergänzungen haben, würden wir uns über eine Mail freuen.

VKR(1): V1) CACs-V Tom Tom vom Stormarner Land
ZBrH SHE 23339, *3.6.13, tri (Ch. Warlock's Favour vom Ohmtalteufel x Kiri blue vom Stormarner Land)
JKR(2): V1) CACs-J Royal de Sax Willy blue
ZBrH SHE 26659, *20.2.20, blm (Onyx Kanon Onyx Garden x Tictac vom Affinger Bach)
V2) RCACs-J Basco vom Streitholz
ZBrH SHE 26712, *7.4.20, tri (Moonstone ze Skalny vyhlidky x Lucie vom Birkenwappen)
ZwKR(3): V1) CACs Under The Moonlight von Solingen-Wald
SSCD 4664, *16.10.19, blm (Lovesome Angel's Gift x Quirina von Solingen-Wald)
V2) RCACs Hondo of powerful mind
SSCD 4723, *27.12.19, tri (Ch. Lovesome Xeon x Wild Mustang a Rising Sun)
V3) Niko Diabekskie Rozdroze
SSCD 5050, *2.11.19, zw (Spy who Loved Me Serenczas x I'm Fantastic Nala Diabelskie Rozdroze)
ChKR (1): V1) CACs, CACIB, BR Ch. El Diablo Sparks Of The Tempest
CMKU/SHE/9743/14/15, *28.7.14, tri (Ch. Evros Only One Way Oliver x Portrait Of Rose ze Skalni vyhlidky)
OKR(7): V1) CACs, RCACIB Mirror Man ze Skalni vylidky
ZBrH SHE 26010, *21.8.17, zw (Ch. Sheldon Sporting Spirit x Ask and Answer z Arcamony)
V2) RCACs Legend of the Storm Moonbellis
PKR.I-92283, *20.5.19, tri (Otdihlaf Visman For Veska Montana x Pretty Heart Asketila)
V3) Spirit of Scalloway's A Jolly Good Fellow
ZBrH SHE 26233, *12.4.19, tri (Lovesome Crazy Prince x Blue Dream 't Wijnmeer)
V4) Royal de Sax Theo
ZBrH SHE 26275, *22.4.19 (Onyx Kanon Onyx Garden x Tuttifrutti vom Affinger Bach)
V) Casidi Team (FCI) Arizona Sky
PKR.I-9109, *11.2.19, zw (Laureate Musical Ride x Ch. Casidi Team (FCI) Unchain my heart)
V) Ivenhoe Black Amber Sun
ZBrH SHE 24530, *7.7.14, tri (Zenith Zefir Polcolland x Alinka Zagrada Deti)
G) Bonsai von der alten Birke
ZBrH SHE 25939, *13.7.18, tri (Ch. Conspirito's Counting Stars x Celtsdale Charm N Grace)
VKH(2): V1, CACs-V, BV Ch. Jersey of Perfect Dream
ZBrH SHE 22962, *26.8.23, zw (GrandGables Just Another Hero x Candy of Perfect Dream)
JKH(6): V1) CACs-J, BJH Vaiana Velvet von Solingen-Wald
SSCD 4912, *19.5.20, tri (Ch. Quamar von Solingen-Wald x Ch. Lilly Rose von Solingen-Wald)
V2) RCACs-J Amica vom Berghof Engelsbrand
SSCD 4804, *8.3.20, tri (Ch. Quamar von Solingen-Wald x Ida vom Schloss Ramstedt)
V3) Madam Margold Magiczny Ogród
PKR.I-96608, *20.7.20, zw (Ch. All the Stars Navarette x Ch. Japanese Cherry Magiczny Ogród)
Sg4) Marsoline Luxury Lady
RKF 5952501, *12.2.20, zw (Traditional Style S Egerskoy Slobody x Shellrick's Gilded Future)
Sg) Sunblessed Forest Orchid in Black
ZBrH HE 26749, *9.4.20, tri (Black Obsession Forest Chilabo x Sunblessed Forest Deep Blue Skye)
Sg) Agility Power Bang Bang Into My Heart
ZBrH SHE 26762, *17.4.20, bi-blue (Bacardi Breezer of Endless Bina's Love x One and Only Mons Plutonis)
ZwKH(5): V1) CACs Fabolous blue Fiola vom Ohmtalteufel
ZBrH SHE 26575, *30.11.19, blm (Hillstone Silver Legacy x Rani Ria'ly a love vom Ohmtalteufel
V2) RCACs Elin Ebony Dream vom Ohmtalteufel
ZBrH SHE 26470, *30.9.19, tri (Ch. Marsula Mikado By Tooralie x Umed Silver Ursele vom Ohmtalteufel)
V3) Catalina cute Snowflower of Plush Power
ZBrH SHE 26441, *28.8.19, zw (Ch. Amberblaze Dreams 'N' Hopes x Perfect Sunshine in black from Manor at Mountain)
V4) Bellarose vom Affinger Bach
SSCD 4602, *23.8.19, zw (Ch. Joe Deluxe Candy von Shannon x Toffifee vom Affinger Bach)
V) Yes I can vom Berghof Engelsbrand
SSCD 4797, *2.3.20, tri (Victory Storm of Magic World x Ilona vom Schloss Ramstedt)
ChKH(1): V1) CACs, CACIB, BoB
Ch. Pretty Heart Asketila
PKR,I.83444, *29.11.16, blm (Candy Dealer Asketila x A Pillow of Winds Asketila)
OKH(6): V1) CACs, RCACIB Latika Magiczny Ogród
PKR.I-94130, *1.6.19, zw (Ch. GrandGables Playing The Field x Ch. Japanese Cherry Magiczny Ogród)
V2) RCACs Quirina von Solingen-Wald
SSCD 3501, *10.3.17, tri (Ch. Full Moon von Solingen-Wald x Ch. O'De Chanel von Solingen-Wald)
V3) Cleopatra von der alten Birke
ZBrH SHE Reg. 281, *2.12.18, zw (Taxi x Fussel vom Schloß Ramstedt)
V4) Spirit of Scalloway's A Fairytale Princess
ZBrH SHE 26235, *12.4.19, blm (Lovesome Crazy Prince x Blue Dream 't Wijnmeer)
V) Toffifee vom Affinger Bach
SSCD 3535, *3.4.17, zw (Ch. Gyszmo from Lady Lucia x Ch. Estelle vom Affinger Bach)
Sg) Dorie von der alten Birke
ZBrH SHE 26203, *4.3.19, zw (Ch. Gatric vom Birkenwappen x Athene von der alten Birke)


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