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Schauergebnisse SRA Ibbenbüren (SIG)
16.08.2020 ~ R: Rolf Blessing, D ~ MZ 40, anwesend 37
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VKR(1): V1) CACs-V Frankie ze Zlate hvezdy
SSCD 2022, *26.5.12, sw (Lakewood N Belmar's Eddy - Arleta Shape Balambi)
JKR(4): V1) CACs-J, BJH Rivermist Stand By Me
ROI 19/131785, *14.6.19, zw (Ch. Monsieur Le Ch Monsieur Le Marquis Des Millie Eclats Des Tournrsols - Ch. Rivermist She Dreamed A Dream)
SG2) White precious Moonstone of Desert Meadow
ZBrH SHE 26399, *22.7.19, blm oT ( Käpäläkoplan Flip - Enlightening the World of Desert Meadow)


Beutlin's All Was Well
ZBrH SHE 26371, *30.6.19, tri (Ch. Eros von der - Taiga Qui Gagnent Touts Les Couers)
SG4) Varnor Soulmate Forever
PKR.I-92135, *21.5.19, zw (Art Felicity Timati II - Hewer Soulmate Forever)
ZwKR(1): V1) CACs Pongo Blue Sky De L'ile Des Bergers
LOF Shet. 38897/0, *19.1.19, blm (Mister Jack De L'ile Des Bergers - Lipstick South Color Des Lutins De Cassiopee)
ChKR(2): V1) CACs, BR Ch. Light My Fire Amoreno
DK14611/2013, *9.5.13, zw (Ch. Quashee Operation Chaos – Ch. Guantanamera Amoreno)
V2) RCACs Ch. Eros von der
ZBrH SHE 23867, *4.5.14, blm (Ch. Warlock's Favour vom Ohmtalteufel - Blue von der
OKR(4):V1) CACs Galileo z Dablovy studanky
NHSB 3011565, *2.3.15, tri (Ch. Rannerdale Ringmaster - Optima z Dáblovy Studánky)
SG2) Moonnala Checkmate
SSCD 4056, *23.4.17, tri (Ch. Chalmoor Stand and Stare - Ch. Rivermist Moonlight Shadow)
SG3) Taxi
ZBrH SHE Reg 253, *24.11.14, tri (nicht nach VDH & FCI Regeln gezüchtet)
G) Bonsai von der alten Birke
ZBrH SHE 25939, *13.7.18, tri (Ch Conspirito's Counting Stars - Celtsdale Charm 'N Grace)
VKH(1): V1) CACs, BV Ch. Little-Uhura in Gold of Queensland
SSCD 0751, *1.6.09, zw (Ch. Van Glennalan Sweet Lover - Ch. Little-Glamour Girl of Queensland)
BKH(2): Vv1) Red Rose Sparks of the Tempest
CMKU/SHE/12061/20, *22.2.20, zw (Benedetto z Nove Ameryky - Kristi Sparks of the Tempest)
vv2) Annazobelle's Magnificent Marabelle
DK05987/2020, *19.3.20, zw (Ch. Light My Fire Amoreno - Ch. Annazobelle's Image of Love)
JüKH(2): vv1), BJü Hot and Blue from Mamorea's Shelter
NHSB 3185911, *6.2.20, blm (Ludecock's hey Mr - Wait for you from Marmorea's Shelter)
JKH(8): V1) CACs-J Joana-Joleen of Scalloway Mountain
ZBrH SHE 26253, *12.4.19, blm (Blueprint from Marmorea*s Shelter - Halona of Scalloway Mountain)
V2) RCACs-J Beutlin's After All This Time
ZBrH SHE 26372, *30.6.19, blm (Ch. Eros von der - Taiga Qui Gagnent Touts Les Coeurs)
V3) Witt's purple pink Mallow Flower of Desert Meadow
ZBrH SHE 26404, *22.7.19, blm oT (Käpäläkoplan Flip - Enlightening the World of Desert Meadow)
V4) Heathers Hill Queen Xica Suzuki
NHSB 3174691, *13.10.19, zw (Ch. Heathers Hill King Rosies Copper - CH. Heathers Hill Queen Coco Uz Ducati)
SG) Dunja from Sugarbuck
SSCD Reg. 0296, *2.8.19, d'zw (Ch. Amberblaze Day Dreamer - Anni from Sugarbuck)
SG) Queen silver Mary vom Ponyhügel
SSCD 4565, *31.7.19, blmoT (Ch. Dream of Early Summer Easy Little Sailor - Chérie vom Ponyhhügel)
Sg) Heathers Hill Queen Bibbers Tinkie
NHSB 3162372, *9.6.19, zw (Ch.Heathers Hill King Dex Aki Morini - Heathers Hill Queen Kinkies Bibber)
SG) Watching the Sun go down of Desert Meadow
ZBrH SHE 26400, *22.7.19, sw (Käpäläkoplan Flip - Enlightening the World of Desert Meadow)
ZwKH(7): V1) CACs LJK  Dandlewood End Of Story, NHSB 3151430, 25.2.19, sable and white
CIB SE DK NL LU DE BE Ch. Lundecock's Surprise Packet - Dandlewood Knickers In A Twist
Z: A. S. van Ulsen, E: J. N u. A. S. van Ulsen
V2) RCACs Kim van Tjariet
NHSB 3140330, *12.11.18 (Galileo Z Dablovy Studansky - Gwendoline van Tjariet)
V3) Amideros Adorable Angel
ZBrH 26136, *19.1.19, tri (Maybe The Winner Des Diablotins De Nooch - Danna Blue Proud of Halliwell)
V4) Amideros Able to Dream, ZBrH/SHE 26135, 19.1.19, tricolour
Maybe The Winner des Diablotins de Nooch - Danna Blue Proud Of Halliwell)
SG) Natty Nastasja of Angel's Beauty
ZBrH SHE 26142, *20.1.19, tri (Ch. Eros von der - Blue Butterfly of Angel's Beauty)
SG) Heaven over the Highlands Hazel
SSCD 4356, *9.2.19, zw (Ch. Happy Harley vom Erkelenzer Land - Heaven over the Highlinds Felicitas)
ChKH(2): V1) CACs Ch. Lovesome Surprise
DK16005/2014, *19.5.14, zw (Ch. Quashee Operation Chaos - Lovesome King's Rose)
V2) RCAC Ch. Little-Golden Gigi of Queensland
SSCD 2052, *2.6.13, zw (Ch. Excellent Choice Such is Life - Ch. Little-Uhura in Gold of Queensland)
OKH(6): V1) CACs, BOB Lundecock's Never Look Back
NHSB 3147119, *3.9.17, zw (Ch. Lundecock's Sticky Fingers - Lundecock's Cheeky Madame)
V2) RCACs Danna Blue Proud of Halliwell
ZBrH 25447, *21.6.17, blm (Herdabout Heart Held Hostage - Alischa bi Blue proud of Halliwell)
V3) Calica vom Samt und Seidenweber
ZBrH SHE 25617, *16.12.17, d'zw (L'Ete Sera Latino Des Lutins De Cassiopee - Ajana vom Samt und Seidenweber)

Anni from Sugarbuck
SSCD Reg. 0164, *31.3.16, tri (A Touch of Angus from Strawberry Country - Mia)


Athene von der alten Birke
ZBrH SHE 25482, *9.8.17, zw (Ch. Buehneman's Built To Last - Fussel vom Schloß Ramstedt)

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